News Item: Catch DAISY'S, a new film by BLOSSOMING filmmaker CIERA PARRACK
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Posted by stantheman
Monday 30 September 2013 - 17:42:23

daisys.jpg Friendships are made, love is sought, tragedy flirted with and transformation found in this true gem of a movie about the innocent and hopeful Daisy on her way  to follow her dream of becoming a "major musical sensation" in Nashville.
Shot on a micro-budget with the cast esentially doubling up as crew, this heartfelt and emotionally explosive film has great performance all round. Writer/Director, Parrack, serves up an adorable yet gut-wrenching turn as a whistful and compassionate dreamer, looking for love and running from pain. 
The film is also supported by a powerhouse performance by the stunning, Jennifer Black and  Andrea Dantas, who masterfully navigates a wonderfully, complex role.   
The film has already found a distributor so if you love great stories and great performances, don't miss the opportunity to catch this film when it is released.  Stay tuned here for updates!!home/mainPage

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